Devalko is a front line furnishing company that bridges today’s modern technology with manufacturing expertise. Devalko gives its consumers a smarter and an efficient way to design, select and buy factory finish quality kitchens, wardrobes, doors and windows at price points that fit any budget. Superior products combined with exemplary customer service before and after sales, makes Devalko the smartest choice for any buyer for home furnishing.

We apply our skills to provide a shape to consumer's dreams about their home furnishings. Our team comprises of experienced tech professionals with a proven track record in building global businesses including manufacturing veterans with a history of delivering successful home projects. We ensure the highest quality, best price guarantee & timely deliveries. At Devalko - we understand the issues and difficulties in building homes. You seldom get what you desire, more often being forced to deal with inexperienced carpenters, procurement of raw materials, negotiating & managing it all at your end. Designer kitchens – the kind you’d love to own - are simply too expensive. Devalko bridges this gap providing you an internationally designed furnishing at the price of making it yourself. Our marketing and tech guys simplify the buying process allowing you to choose from a vast array of designs & receive digitized offerings to preview before you buy.


Devalko is designed to convenience you as a customer at every footstep. We assign an experienced Devalko Certified interior designer to help you with the whole process from start to finish.

Based in Noida, Devalko designs high-quality products at affordable prices to cater to Indian homes. Keeping today’s consumer in mind, Devalko implements smart processes to deliver contemporary modular kitchens, Wardrobes and Doors & Windows solutions directly at your doorstep. All products are designed to perfection, keeping India’s weather conditions in mind. Through combining our versatile experience, understanding India’s homeowner, countless design options, and easing the process. Devalko will provide internationally designed modular solutions specifically designed to suit your taste and lifestyle.